It’s Whats for Dinner – Pulled Pork Chili

I’m a lucky lady I have a husband who likes to smoke meat.  Last month we had smoked turkey and pulled pork.  Dinner yesterday was inspired by the big bag of left over pulled pork sitting in the freezer.  I searched the internet for inspiration and stumbled on a recipe from How Sweet it is.  I follow her blog and love the look of her food so I was very excited to use her recipe as a base for last nights dinner.  Her recipe can be found here

I followed the basic elements of the recipe.  The cook time was spot on.  I liked that recipe did not call for any whole tomatoes as I am the only one in my house that likes them.  I put everything in the crock pot and it swelled like tomato sauce to me.  This is the second time I have attempted chili and had this problem.   So back to the internet I went to see what I could do to take the flavor up a level.   Let me tell you there are a lot of odd things people put in chili to change the flavor profile.  I decided to add a little bit of yellow mustard, worcestershire sauce and brown mustard.   I stirred it all in and was pretty sure I was on the right track to chili.   At about the midway point I added in some garlic powder and some chipotle chili powder, as you will learn I am very heavy handed with spices in recipes and don’t ever measure.   So really just season this one to your taste.  Dinner was amazing and so versatile we thought left overs would be great as nachos.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.chili


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